Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A date to Lang Tengah Island with Pretty Lady Zuo Zuo (series 3,4)

The second and third series here was shot during the evening, more a bit of naughty, energetic and feeling young essence. 1.  photo Image00114.jpg 2.  photo Image00116.jpg 3.  photo Image00119.jpg 4.  photo Image00120.jpg 5.  photo Image00123.jpg 6.  photo Image00125.jpg 7.  photo Image00127.jpg 8.  photo Image00130.jpg 9.  photo Image00132.jpg 10.  photo Image00133.jpg that was a short series and swap with bohemian style before the day gone dark. 11.  photo Image00134.jpg 12.  photo Image00136.jpg 13.  photo Image00139.jpg 14.  photo Image00142.jpg 15.  photo Image00143.jpg 16.  photo Image00144.jpg 17.  photo Image00146.jpg 18.  photo Image00147.jpg 19.  photo Image00148.jpg 20.  photo Image00150.jpg 21.  photo Image00153.jpg 22.  photo Image00155.jpg 23.  photo Image00157.jpg 24.  photo Image00159.jpg some bonus snapshots during the journey send her back safely 25.  photo Image00162.jpg 26.  photo Image00163.jpg 27.  photo Image00166.jpg thank you for viewing. The END

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A date to Lang Tengah Island with Pretty Lady Zuo Zuo (series 1,2)

A plan with this pretty and friendly girl which also a famous model from Penang. It was a casual 3D2N play and snap casually shooting at lang tengah island. We did have fun during the trip but have some thrill during the journey. It was not really a good weather during that time but have some great time playing around and some water sports. This casual travel shooting divided by few series with different clothing, It was a fun shooting and all of us have alot of fun for the whole trip. The first series was a casual morning activities and walkabout along the beach side. 1.  photo Image00009-2.jpg 2.  photo Image00010-1.jpg 3.  photo Image00013-1.jpg 4.  photo Image00014-2.jpg 5.  photo Image00019-2.jpg 6.  photo Image00020-2.jpg 7.  photo Image00023-1.jpg 8.  photo Image00024-1.jpg 9.  photo Image00028-1.jpg 10.  photo Image00030-1.jpg 11.  photo Image00031-2.jpg 12.  photo Image00035-1.jpg 13.  photo Image00037.jpg 14.  photo Image00038.jpg 15.  photo Image00039-1.jpg 16.  photo Image00040-1.jpg 17.  photo Image00041.jpg 18.  photo Image00042-2.jpg The second series a playful beach wear. 19.  photo Image00048-1.jpg 20.  photo Image00049-1.jpg 21.  photo Image00051-1.jpg 22.  photo Image00053-1.jpg 23.  photo Image00055-1.jpg 24.  photo Image00056.jpg 25.  photo Image00057-1.jpg 26.  photo Image00058-1.jpg 27.  photo Image00060-1.jpg 28.  photo Image00061-1.jpg 29.  photo Image00063-1.jpg 30.  photo Image00066.jpg 31.  photo Image00071.jpg 32.  photo Image00072-1.jpg 33.  photo Image00074.jpg 34.  photo Image00069.jpg 35.  photo Image00068.jpg 36.  photo Image00075.jpg 37.  photo Image00076.jpg 38.  photo Image00077.jpg 39.  photo Image00078.jpg 40.  photo Image00079.jpg 41.  photo Image00083.jpg 42.  photo Image00084.jpg 43.  photo Image00087.jpg 44.  photo Image00090.jpg 45.  photo Image00092.jpg 46.  photo Image00095.jpg 47.  photo Image00096.jpg 48.  photo Image00098.jpg 49.  photo Image00102.jpg 50.  photo Image00103.jpg 51.  photo Image00105.jpg 52.  photo Image00107.jpg 53.  photo Image00108.jpg 54.  photo Image00110.jpg 55.  photo Image00111.jpg 56.  photo Image00113.jpg end of series 2, to be continued....