Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A date to Lang Tengah Island with Pretty Lady Zuo Zuo (series 3,4)

The second and third series here was shot during the evening, more a bit of naughty, energetic and feeling young essence. 1.  photo Image00114.jpg 2.  photo Image00116.jpg 3.  photo Image00119.jpg 4.  photo Image00120.jpg 5.  photo Image00123.jpg 6.  photo Image00125.jpg 7.  photo Image00127.jpg 8.  photo Image00130.jpg 9.  photo Image00132.jpg 10.  photo Image00133.jpg that was a short series and swap with bohemian style before the day gone dark. 11.  photo Image00134.jpg 12.  photo Image00136.jpg 13.  photo Image00139.jpg 14.  photo Image00142.jpg 15.  photo Image00143.jpg 16.  photo Image00144.jpg 17.  photo Image00146.jpg 18.  photo Image00147.jpg 19.  photo Image00148.jpg 20.  photo Image00150.jpg 21.  photo Image00153.jpg 22.  photo Image00155.jpg 23.  photo Image00157.jpg 24.  photo Image00159.jpg some bonus snapshots during the journey send her back safely 25.  photo Image00162.jpg 26.  photo Image00163.jpg 27.  photo Image00166.jpg thank you for viewing. The END

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